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Some shitheads to keep track of.

This is a long email, but it’s very important. Please read the whole thing. Trump’s response to Charlottesville was indefensible. Indefensible. But Trump’s not alone. House Republicans have been promoting racism alongside him. It’s sickening: -GOP Rep. Rohrabacher spoke at a white nationalist and Nazi rally. -GOP Rep. Pittenger said black activists ...

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  Alright people, If you pay attention to one thing I post today, let this be it. This is a war, and they are our enemies, HA! Our enemies are shit. I'm gonna step it up just a little bit today. They asked for a war, well they got it. We can ...

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Destroy Racism and Bigotry, The Time Has Come

I graduated from Pitt. I've lived here, Cleveland, Miami, and fucking Brooklyn, NYC, amongst many other places. I've had Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks, Gays, Trans, Asians, Natives, Africans, Immigrants and Refugees as my neighbors, roommates, associates, and FRIENDS. I've been fucked up out of my mind all over this ...

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