Some new tunes I am digging this evening. Love that free music.

For years and years I wouldn’t tell people about my influences, or the tunes I like, or where I got them, until I played them. You know, trade secrets and what not. I have recently decided to take a different, more transparant approach, and share the stuff I am digging with the world. The artists deserve the exposure.


Here’s a scorcher to start off my soundcloud scour.

Ever since “Diamond Mouth” I have had my eyes on Taku. His output has been all over the place, but he knows what he is doing down there on the other side of the planet.


Hail Satan! This kid has persistently impressed me. More music Yung Satan!

I swear I like anything with chanted, repeating vocals…Then that air raid siren synth comes in, pretty sick.

Wick-Its output can be way to dubsteppy for me sometimes, but this is tight.

Buzz Trillington is another consistent performer, he is alway’s releasing quality new material and most of it is free. Check him out.

This is right up my alley, stripped down with that bass.

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