Alright people,

If you pay attention to one thing I post today, let this be it. This is a war, and they are our enemies, HA! Our enemies are shit. I’m gonna step it up just a little bit today. They asked for a war, well they got it. We can win these battles with our convictions, we can win these battles with our ideologies, but don’t let anyone tell you that a war cannot be won without blood. Make no mistake; this is a war, a war for the hearts and minds, a war in the streets, it is a war for the American psyche. Don’t let anyone ever tell you we have to allow people to take to our streets, kill our people, disrespect our core ideals, and infest the spirits of our youth. Don’t think you have to let old shitty people, people with ideas you have disrespected your entire life, tell us what we have to do, and what we have to be. WE do not have to fucking do that. WE do not have to allow it. I’m staking my claim, here and now. This is not what WE have to do.

We do not have to respect your opinions because you’re old. We do not have to respect your cultural heritage. We do not have to respect your established power structures that are inherently racist, and teeming with racist operators. We do not have to respect your religions. We do not have to respect your borders. We do not have to respect your wall. We do not have to respect your shitty media. We do not have to respect your fucking perspective. WE DO NOT HAVE TO FUCKING RESPECT YOU. I know you wouldn’t offer us that same respect, so it’s really fucking comical that you would expect us to offer you the same quarter. You get no respect. Every one of you we run out of town, every one of you we make cry on video, every one of you we send to a hospital, every one of you we get fired from your jobs, so you can’t provide a livelihood for your families, that is a victory for the people who are correct, the people that are on the right side of history and decency. That is a win for us. We know you shitbirds would do the same for us at every opportunity. Fuck your president, fuck your outdated ideals, fuck your media, fuck your Alt-Right, fuck your Richard Spencers, fuck your walls, fuck your borders, fuck your nationalism, fuck your neoliberals, fuck your confused centrists and fuck your brainwashed and scared Nazi sympathizers. There is no place left for racism. Racism is a result of fear, fear of things that are different from you, fear of people from different places, fear of stability or the lack of it. You know what people are that live in fear?


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