Some shitheads to keep track of.

This is a long email, but it’s very important. Please read the whole thing.

Trump’s response to Charlottesville was indefensible. Indefensible.

But Trump’s not alone. House Republicans have been promoting racism alongside him. It’s sickening:
-GOP Rep. Rohrabacher spoke at a white nationalist and Nazi rally.
-GOP Rep. Pittenger said black activists “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.”
-GOP Rep. Coffman told an anti-Muslim hate group that President Obama “is not an American” in his heart.
-GOP Rep. Lewis wrote that Abraham Lincoln “exploited the issue” of slavery.
-GOP Rep. Hunter compared a Hispanic bar association to a white supremacist group.
-GOP Rep. Comstock said immigrants should be tracked “like FedEx packages.”

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